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THN is a financial services group that oversees three associated operating businesses: 

Corporate Advisory     -    Business Finance      -    Asset Management

About THN


Since its establishment in 1995, THN has provided impartial strategic and innovative value-adding advice to its clients. This approach has been carried out by highly experienced personnel committed at all times to excellence and to the delivery of complementary and synergistic services in a collaborative and timely manner.  

The whole service portfolio offered by THN and its associates is available across the entire Australasian business landscape.  Whether a client is at the start-up innovative business phase, the expansion or the consolidation level, or at the exit stage, we at THN are available to provide exceptional financial advisory services to accomplish strategic goals diligently and honestly, with professional integrity.
Since its beginnings, THN has developed in-depth knowledge across all phases of the business cycle, with many years combined experience in finance and insurance, business and funds management, venture capital and investment banking, and professional and corporate services. 
When partnering with THN, you are engaging with professionals highly skilled in bringing commercial deals to fruition on your behalf, whilst maintaining the highest standard of confidentiality and discretion.  For example, through in-house industry analysis, THN can identify potentially suitable business partner and acquisition targets, approach agreed-upon merger and acquisition targets on a no-names basis, thus maintaining privacy, anonymity, commerciality and confidentiality.

Other funding sources are also possible through our ability to source favourable funding arrangements via our associates, or THN can competently lead manage an initial public offering on the Australian Stock Exchange, or similarly negotiate, manage and coordinate a back-door listing via an appropriate ASX-listed vehicle.

Our Services


THN takes an all-inclusive approach to providing first-rate financial advisory products across a wide and varied industry spectrum, so we can offer our clients reliable, strategic advice on:

Corporate Advisory

Business Finance

Asset Management