Asset Management

At THN we originate and manage investment opportunities for institutional, sophisticated and wholesale clients.  Our wholesale funds under management cover specialised areas in real estate, credit, private equity and venture capital. 
These areas of specialised and innovative investment opportunities offered to investors arise from our overall investment experience and expertise, together with access to a continually growing THN Australasian network. 

Open Funds

THN Credit Acceptance

THNCA specialises in procuring funds on a fixed rate interest basis from surplus funds allocated by THNPL and other associate corporate entities, as well as from unrelated third parties, such as this RPS Offer to Investors.
THNCA acts as the intermediary lender to THNCS and THNCF, the operating associated corporate entities focused on providing business finance, invoice financing and factoring to growth-oriented Australian SMEs seeking short and medium term working capital assistance.

CCA Property Trust

Year-in-year-out the best performing Australian real estate sector is Healthcare.
The THN asset management team originates and manages investment opportunities in Australian healthcare property via the team’s extensive experience in this field and being well-equipped with a data base complementary to Federal and State healthcare prioritisations, population and patient demographics. 
An existing property portfolio, together with new potential property acquisitions and development opportunities are well in train for ultimate ownership by the CCA Property Trust.


THN Medtech Opportunities Fund

Digital technology is transforming healthcare. It is increasingly core to the future growth of life sciences and medical firms and institutions, with widespread adoption of digital platforms connecting patients to medical practitioners via the vast potential of artificial intelligence and the development of powerful tools in medical diagnostics and surgical applications. 
Whilst advancing healthcare, these tools are also reducing costs and improving efficiencies in service deliveries that are generating gains in supply chain management, sales and marketing and resultant bottom line improvement.
The far-ranging healthcare experience held has enabled THN the means to effectively identify, assess and select viable Medtech investment opportunities that are seeking expansion and commercialisation funding.


THN Agribusiness Opportunities Fund

The Australian agribusiness sector occupies a significant place in the Australian economy, with a consistently strong records in production yields, efficiencies and supply chain.

Australian agriculture has consistently financed and developed new science-based farming for the sector, achieving average agricultural productivity gain of 2% year-on-year over the past 50 years.
Now, climate change and the associated prolonged periods of drought and water shortages are creating new challenges to the future viability of the sector, and with challenges come opportunities.
THN, with its national and international contact network, has the ability to provide project funding and bring together valuable industry joint venture participants for new, innovative technologies focussed at enhancing the Australia agricultural sector.

THN Fintech Opportunities Fund

Australia’s Fintech sector, an intermarriage of technology and financial services, continues to demonstrate its global relevance with continuous, seriously innovative and technologically advanced market releases in wealth management, payment systems, business and consumer lending, financial data, digital financial security solutions, cyber security, digital currencies and wallets, crowdfunding, online banking, and insurance. 

Almost one in five Australian startup Fintech companies are profitable within three years of setting up, whilst most are planning to grow in revenue by expansion overseas. 
THN identifies, assesses and selects viable Fintech investment opportunities in pre-commercialisation, commercialisation and second round expansionary phases. 


THN Pre-IPO Capital Fund

For Australian companies committed to listing on the ASX within a 3 to 24 months’ timeframe, THN offers earmarked funding after the applicant fulfils pre-selection criteria and assists in supplementing readily available in-house resources, together with arranging broker support and market timeliness. 


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