Tony Noun

Managing Director

Tony Noun is the founding director at THN. Tony is well known for his active hands-on advice and directorship of a number of national and international companies in a broad range of industries and professional disciplines including insurance, financial services, healthcare, funds management, hospitality and manufacturing.
With more than 25 years professional and commercial experience – as an advisor, investor and manager – Tony brings extensive financial and corporate know-how to clients, especially those involved in healthcare, specialty pharma, generics and the med-tech sector such as therapeutic device manufacturers, clinical diagnostic companies, as well as life sciences. In addition to current positions held in industry, past involvement includes being founder, chairman and responsible officer of various funds under management. Of particular note are Australian Funds Management and Investment Nominees of Australia, 
an APRA approved Trustee for public offer fund).
Tony is the key person and officer responsible for all THN duties in connection with the conduct on and delivery of the entire suite of AFSL-granted financial services within the THN charter. Tony is also Chairman of the THN Credit and Risk Management Committee and the THN Quality Assurance Committee.
A recipient of the NSW Government Community Service Award, Tony holds numerous industry and tertiary qualifications including an MBA.